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One of our goals is to provide quality education through video's, audio's, and articles.  Therefore, we'll be adding educational resources to our website on a regular basis.  Please feel free to post questions or comments.


Genetic Roulette

The Gamble Of Our Lives

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The Abundant Design Podcast

Gifts Of A Wild Heart Summit: Jeffrey Smith : The GMO Imperative

I've heard many people talk about the effects of Genetically Modified Organism's (GMO's) on human, animal, and ecosystem health.  However, I've never heard anyone as knowledgeable on the subject as Jeffrey Smith.  He has been an activist for over 18 years in the GMO arena.  His knowledge base and approach to combat the GMO agenda is very empowering.


I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!  I promise you that the information you'll learn from Jeffrey Smith about GMO's will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

This documentary is guaranteed to make you feel differently about the food you eat.


My wife Lisa and I are currently working on releasing a podcast that will air 2 to 3 times per week.  We will discuss spiritual and practical topics that educate and empower people to live an Abundant Life!  The podcast is projected to release in the Spring of 2015.

"If you are faithful with the little things, I will entrust you with much (abundance)" -- Jesus


His statement can lead us to the following questions:  What are the resources that are currenly available to us (even if they are small), and are we being faithful with those resources?  If so, then we are on the road to abundance!  If not, what can we do to change our stewardship of those resources?

Diverse Cover Cropping, Regenerative Land Management

This is a really good interview by Dr. Mercola with Gabe Brown discussing one of the most important topics in agriculture, "Soil Regeneration".


Listen to this amazing message by Timothy Keller called, "Can Faith Be Green?"


Genesis shows us the goodness of creation, the stewardship of creation, the fallenness of creation, and the final restoration of creation. The Bible calls us as Christians to be careful stewards of creation because nature reflects God’s goodness and because nature will ultimately be restored in heaven.


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